🧬Ncmaz theme, React & Graphql

The Ncmaz theme, the theme is not a SPA site, it's a normal WordPress theme like other themes, but the core is built in combination with Reactjs, Graphql to pages load faster, increase the capabilities to interact with users and make themes more powerful.

Example: Reactjs to render Post cards, Category cards, User cards, Gutenberg blocks, Submission post, ... Then you can interact more with them, like watching live videos, listening to music, Filter data, Smart search, Socials share ...

Why say Ncmaz theme will have a faster speed than normal? Imagine, assuming you have 1 list of 50 posts on the homepage, normally the server will have to pay the HTML of those 50 posts, which will consume a significant amount of bandwidth, the larger the HTML DOM, the more time it will take to download. But with the Ncmaz theme, it does not require the server to return that, it just needs 1 line of HTML with the necessary information, and then it's the job of React and Grapql to take the data of those 50 posts and render them out... and many more useful features.

I can't explain it all here, but I hope it can help you understand a bit.

Hope it works for you 🎈

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