Update theme?

How do I update my website after the theme releases updates?

You can see your website consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Plugin Ncmaz-faust-core

  2. Other 3rd party plugins (Wpgraphql, Faust, ACF, etc.)

  3. The frontend site is NextJs project: Ncmaz-faust

And you can see in the download package from Themeforest you will get the ncmaz-faust-core.zip plugin file, and the Ncmaz-faust folder is the NextJs project for the frontend. So you only need to care to update those two things for your website every time you receive a notification that a new update has been released.

However, new updates do not always include updates to both of those things. Sometimes in the new update there are only updates about the NextJS project for the frontend (Ncmaz-faust), sometimes in the new update there are only updates about the ncmaz-faust-core plugin for WordPress. So you need to preview the changelog to know which parts need to be updated, I'll make it clear in the changelog and you'll be able to easily tell.

So here's how to update:

  1. If you need to update the ncmaz-faust-core plugin: Check the ncmaz-faust-core.zip plugin file located inside the wp-plugin folder of your download. Then upload it to your WordPress and update replacement for the current Ncmaz-faust-core plugin in your WordPress. 👌

  2. If you need to update the NextJs Ncmaz-faust project for the frontend site: a. - Check to see if there are any additional environment variables in the new update? If so add it to your project settings. b. - If possible, you should test it on localhost to check for sure before deploying to hosting (Use your environment variables, and check this documentation) c. - Then just redeploy to your hosting frontend (please check this documentation). 👏

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