Thumbnails are blurry when viewed in mobile mode.

Use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin

Why is this happening?

For best performance and to avoid wasting resources, the theme actively loads thumbnail images according to screen size:

-> So you need to set the [ Medium size ] higher to get better picture quality when viewing on your phone.

However, with pre-existing images, you need to use an external plugin to regenerate them.

Use whichever plugin you want, our guide below uses the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin:

  1. Install and Active Use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin

  2. Navigate to Settings -> Media.

  3. On Medium size change: Max Width is 500px (or bigger) and Max Height is 500px (or bigger).

  4. Click Save.

  5. Install and Active plugin Regenerate Thumbnails

  6. Navigate Tools -> Regenerate Thumbnails and click Regenerate Thumbnails For All Attachments

  7. Good luck!

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