(Deprecated) Add ACF fields to the wp-user-frontend-pro form


Hi, to add ACF fields to the wp-user-frontend form:

- On wp-user-frontend form, Add field -> Meta key -> Input ACF field name (https://nimb.ws/8iBAlm - https://nghiaxchis.gitbook.io/ncmaz-wordpress/ncmaz-acf-fields)

- Please read the instructions here to understand the details and make it more effective - https://wedevs.com/docs/wp-user-frontend-pro/acf-integration/

Below you can refer to all the ACF of the theme ncmaz, you can search to "ncUserMeta" - https://nghiaxchis.gitbook.io/ncmaz-wordpress/ncmaz-acf-fields

Hope it can help.

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