(Deprecated) Create Post-Submission pages


This section is for those who want to use with WP-user-frontend plugin.

(Deprecated and will be removed in the next update)

Advice, use the new theme editor: https://nghiaxchis.gitbook.io/ncmaz-wordpress/how-to/create-page-submission-post-and-profile-page

  1. Below is the JSON file of WUF, please download and import it into your WUF.

  2. We have built submit forms that correspond to post formats.

  3. WUF -> Copy the shortcode of the submit form -> Create a new page -> Select the page template is Ncmaz Dashboard page -> Paste the shortcode to content -> Save.

You should build 4 new pages corresponding to 4 post format submit forms (These pages follow the instructions like step 3 above)

Then create another new page, use the Gutenberg Button to point to those 4 pages for the user to choose e.g (https://ncmaz.chisnghiax.com/select-post-format-submit-form-%f0%9f%92%a1/), then insert this page link in the submit-post section in the header menu.

That's it!

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